ABout Hasten Nations

All to Jesus!

At Hasten, our motto is ALL TO JESUS. To us, this means that everything should point people to Jesus.

Our work in the Gospel currently consist of four things:

Pastor Dustan & Darlene Stanley

Pastor Dustan & Darlene Stanley co-founded Hasten Nations in 2008 under the name Revolutionary Life International. Since, they have travelled to over 30 nations teaching the word of God and preaching the Gospel. Their first TV show, The Revolutionary Life, was aired in five nations and laid the groundwork for Hasten Nations, an ever-expanding ministry.

Currently, Dustan & Darlene's ministry focus is is on bringing the Gospel fire back to the the American church, planting a new revival center, church, and training center in the USA, spreading the Gospel through every means possible, and establishing homes and social programs to serve children at-risk of human trafficking in Nepal.

They have two children and live in their beloved hometown, Chattanooga, TN.

What does hasten mean?

has·ten (/ˈhās(ə)n/)

1. hurry, go fast. go quickly

2. cause (something) to happen sooner than it otherwise would.

Our name, Hasten Nations, has a four fold meaning. First, it means that if we are to be God's true friends, that we should RUN to Jesus daily and give Him everything. Secondly, it means that we should run to our neighbors and the nations with the love, hope, and faith of Jesus Christ. Thirdly, right in the name, if you look close, is our long term vision: to establish well Gospel works in ten nations (HasTenNations). And lastly, it comes from 2 Peter 3:11 & 12, where we are told to be people looking forward to the coming of the Lord's day and to hasten it along.