Shortly after we settled in our host village in remote central Nepal, a family invited us to stay in their newly rebuilt home. We gratefully accepted. The night’s sleep was restless because of the many giant spiders & very active wildlife. In the...
After our intense drive into the Himalayas and the scary nighttime trek, we slept soundly, preached at a local church, and prepared for the next day’s trek that would lead us to a rebuilt Nepali village. What we didn’t know was that we were about to learn a lesson about what is possible.
During one of our recent missions in Nepal, God showed us Supernatural Protection and mercy during one our more treacherous uphill treks in the Himalayas.
A trek into the Himalayas to Poon Hill teaches us some very important lessons about being patient and waiting on the Lord...
Here are my 3 main tips to help you pack light for international travel, and have lots of outfit options when carrying on!
Photos from our adventurous trek to a remote mountain village in central Nepal.
“I’m so tired,” I said to myself. Silently, I had the scary thought, I don’t think I can go on... This is my true story of trekking mountains in Nepal.
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