BIG NEWS! June 2016 Ministry Update

In this video ministry update, Dustan and Darlene Stanley share all the things going on with Hasten International Mission, Hasten Nepal, and Hasten Chattanooga. They share the ministry needs as well as a special announcement concerning an on-demand mission training program they are working on.

2015 End of Year Giving

Here's an early morning video from me (Dustan). Too early! As you consider your end-of-year giving, please consider helping H.I.M. (Hasten International Mission) expand our...
hasten tv Dustan and Darlene Stanleyvideo

The Revolutionary Life #111 – How We Got Here (U.S.A.)

This is a raw special behind the scenes look at how Dustan & Darlene first got started on the mission field.

The Revolutionary Life #110 – The Road Home (U.K. to U.S.A.)

Dustan & Darlene travel to London to prepare to return home after fourteen months. While there they help a local YWAM team reach out during the very wild Knotting Hill Arts Festival.
Hasten tv with Dustan and Darlene Stanley in Ghanavideo

The Revolutionary Life #109 – The Devil’s Courtyard (Ghana)

Dustan & Darlene travel from Asia to Ghana, West Africa, via Egypt where they lead a team to share the Gospel to a well known witch doctor.

The Revolutionary Life #108 -From the Mountain Tops (Tibet, China)

Dustan & Darlene travel into the fringes of the Tibetan Himalayas, encountering snow-storms and sickness, to share the Gospel with the remote nomadic people.
hasten tv in Varanasivideo

The Revolutionary Life #107 – Step by Step (India to Bangladesh)

Dustan & Darlene travel from South India to Bangladesh and witness some ancient Hindu customs, only to finally arrive in a city threatened by civil war.

The Revolutionary Life #106 – Far from Home (India)

In this episode of presents The Revolutionary Life, Dustan & Darlene Stanley experience a strong bought with homesickness as they minister in India during the Christmas season.

The Revolutionary Life #105 – The Rescued (Thailand and Burma)

Dustan & Darlene travel to Thailand in the midst of heartbreak to meet countless people who have been the victim of human trafficking.

The Revolutionary Life #104 – Walking in the Dark (Laos)

Dustan & Darlene push deep into the mountainous jungles of Laos to share the Gospel to remote peoples for the first time.