We are a community of people building our lives and community around Jesus. Our mission is to do our part to finish HIS mission. Our passion is that we would know Him more and that the nations of the world would know His love.

We think every church should be an active part of the worldwide mission of Jesus. We also believe that every church should fight against the blatant injustice of our time, human trafficking, especially the exploitation of children. We want to see thousands of at-risk children given a safe home close to where they are from.

A core part of Hasten Nations is prayer. We think the church should not just pray together once on Sunday, but throughout the week, both at the weekly gathering and in homes. We dream of having small prayer gatherings happening in local communities all over the world.

We gather multiple times per week to pray, spend time together, or worship and grow in the Word. Our motto for these services are ALL TO JESUS, meaning that Jesus is the focal point. We put all the attention on God and receive what God has for us as a community and as individuals.

Weekly Worship in the Warehouse
Sunday @ 5pm

Soaking Worship
Tuesday @ 5pm
Hosted by Kara Green

Prayer at the Warehouse
Thursday @ 5pm