Nepal mission update - landslide
We are still in the midst of raising funds for the families affected by the landslide that hit the remote village in Ree, Nepal. The total number of the families affected is actually around 30.
Shortly after we settled in our host village in remote central Nepal, a family invited us to stay in their newly rebuilt home. We gratefully accepted....
I have some heavy news we just received from Nepal. Previously we got news about our partner church having a landslide, well praise God all of that has now been fixed, however there has now been ANOTHER landslide and this one is much more SEVERE!
Hey everybody,  Thank you so much for your prayers! Here is the update on the church that was hit with the landslide in Nepal. 
Hey everybody. Darlene here.  We just got word from our friends in Nepal that Holy Church, which is a partner church we work with...
Hasten - Nepal - Dustan & Darlene Stanley
After our intense drive into the Himalayas and the scary nighttime trek, we slept soundly, preached at a local church, and prepared for the next day’s trek that would lead us to a rebuilt Nepali village. What we didn’t know was that we were about to learn a lesson about what is possible.
Dustan Stanley - Story is the Language of Mankind - Hasten
The language of mankind is story. Across cultures worldwide, story has always been the #1 way to communicate. In fact, we ourselves are stories...
Here's the latest partner video update! Check it out! Dustan and Darlene Stanley give a detailed overall update of what has been happening inside...
A missions rundown from Dustan & Darlene Stanley.
Have you ever noticed that on the other side of some of life's biggest challenges we face are also some of life's greatest moments and victories? Well here are some things I've learned about how to find JOY in the midst of going through those "hard times."