Over the past twenty years, prayer, real time in God’s presence and word, home bible studies, missions to the nations, praying for those in need, and genuine community became uncool in the American church. Authentic expressions of worship became almost nonexistent, and the gospel was often replaced with clever marketing techniques. When we saw this we decided that we simply no longer wanted to be cool.We are…


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What does this church look like?

Having cool gadgets has nothing to do with being cool or uncool. Unless they become the point, these things are neutral, neither good or bad. To us, what matters is that the church is what Jesus intends. Here are the pillars of what we believe it means to be that church. These are our guiding principles.

We are a Jesus centered, presence driven, mission focused community.

Jesus Centered

Our motto is ALL TO JESUS. That means that we do church for Jesus, not us. We point people to Jesus, not us. We build our services for Jesus, not us. Our church is not centered around a personality, a presentation, or a performance. Everything we do, is for JESUS! It's HIS church, not ours.

Presence Driven

We are not powered by a false display of perfection or the charisma of a few leaders. Our passion is to daily live in God's presence personality and as a church family. It's from HIS presence we get our strength, joy, pleasure, and the grace to reach the world.

Mission Focused.

We do not let our focus be removed from the mission of Jesus himself, to seek and save those that are lost. From Genesis to revelation the mission of all nations knowing God is dominant. We do not let ourselves replace that mission with anything!


We believe that the Church should be a community working together in the Gospel and for each other. Everything God accomplishes today he does through His church, so we believe that every believer should be equipped to fulfill their part of God's mission.