Our History

Our History

HASTEN International Mission was originally founded under the name Revolutionary Life International in 2008 by Dustan and Darlene Stanley, a married couple who just wanted to tell the world about Jesus. Thirty-four nations later, they are still telling as many people as they can about Jesus, and they have growing ministry works in Nepal and the USA.

A Brief Version of Our History

On May 1st, 2008, Dustan and Darlene left a full-time position at a local church to start Revolutionary Life International. Dustan & Darlene gave nearly everything they owned away and prepared for their first missionary journey.

Later in 2008, Dustan and Darlene took fourteen months to travel around the world and preach the Gospel. During this time, the Lord fully cemented the dream of HASTEN into Dustan & Darlene’s heart – a dream to fight for the souls of the unreached and to do everything within their power to see modern slavery abolished.

From that point forward till today, Dustan and Darlene continue to travel from nation to nation preaching the Gospel.

In 2010, Dustan & Darlene led a team for six months to Southeast Asia, where they preached the Gospel to many who had never heard of Jesus, from prostitutes on the streets of Thailand to children in remote Laos.

In late 2010, the first season of The Revolutionary Life with Dustan & Darlene Stanley (a reality television program following the mission work of Dustan & Darlene) was completed. It was accepted on multiple national and international television networks, including TBN’s JUCE, TBN Africa, UCB (UK), Shine TV (New Zealand), and ACCTV (Australia).

From 2010-2014, Dustan and Darlene continued their missionary journeys, preaching the Gospel in West Africa, Europe, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. Near the end of this time, they stepped foot in Nepal for the first time.

In 2014, the Lord moved on Dustan’s heart to begin to narrow his focus, to go from journey mode to planting mode. They began to build on the many relationships they had built all over the world, with a list of seven nations to work toward reaching and mobilizing from Nepal, USA, Ghana, India, Indonesia, and the UK.

As they continued to narrow their focus, they decided to focus on two nations, Nepal and the USA. They immediately started working closely with their Nepali friends to respond to the many natural disasters and to preach the Gospel and equip the church to spread the love of Jesus.

In late 2014, Dustan and Darlene relocated to Chattanooga, TN to start the groundwork to plant the American base for Hasten International Mission. During this time they continued to travel and preach the gospel and they also released season two and three of The Revolutionary Life tv series.

In 2016, the Lord spoke to Darlene to save his babies in Nepal. This started the process of planting HASTEN Nepal.

In late 2016, Dustan and Darlene put their American work on hold to establish HASTEN Nepal. The first programs included sewing and literacy classes, English classes, community gardens, disaster relief, a small weekly feeding program, and startup farms.

In 2017, the Lord spoke to Dustan in many ways (through spiritual leaders, dreams, in prayer, and with numerous confirmations) to start gathering people to do all God has put in your heart.

In early 2018, HASTEN Nepal was able to double its impact by doubling nearly all of its programs and greatly expanding the feeding programs. They also launched United Freedom Church, HASTEN’s church plant in Pokhara, Nepal.

In early 2018, Dustan and Darlene started planning to plant Hasten Nations headquarters in Chattanooga, TN. This center will be the home of HASTEN’s ministry training classes and projects, hasten’s television and video production studio, the launch center for HASTEN Church, and a warehouse for local outreach and relief projects.

In early 2019, Hasten Nepal opened its first village-based children’s home in remote Nepal. This home immediately took in five at-risk children and care for them full time.

2020 – During the lockdowns of 2020, Hasten Nations remodeled its hq in Chattanooga, TN.

In late 2021, Hasten Nepal plans open their second Kid’s home, expand their first, to double their support for christian workers in the nations, and to open a salon to help survivors of human trafficking re-enter life in Nepal, to launch a sewing business to support the work in Nepal, and to begin to raise money to purchase a piece of land outside the city to build Hasten Nepal’s mission base.


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