A New Kitchen for our Kid’s in Chitwan, Nepal!

🌟 This Christmas, let’s spread the joy by blessing the host family of five of Hasten’s children with a brand-new and improved kitchen! 🎄✨

🏡 During our last visit, we had the privilege of stepping into their home and witnessing the love they share. However, their current kitchen, located outside for safety reasons, needs an upgrade from open fire cooking – a common practice in many parts of Nepal.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 This incredible family, faithfully preaching the Gospel in Nepal, cares for not only their own but also God’s babies and actively blesses the surrounding village and church. Now, it’s time for their kitchen to match the warmth and love they provide!

💖 Our goal is to fully supply everything they need for a standard kitchen! By attaching it to the home with a covered walkway and ensuring safe and easy cooking, we can solve many problems and bring a significant blessing.

💰 The entire budget for this heartwarming project is $5,000, part of our Christmas outreach budget of $20,000. To learn more or contribute, visit our website and click on the Christmas outreach section. Be part of this exciting project and make a difference! 🌈🙏

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